Everyone's appreciation of a painting is personal but it can easily be altered by the opinions and judgments of others. Moreover, the commercial world of art tries to persuade us what it decides is 'good' and 'bad' art' but unfortunately, tends to make us 'tongue-tied by authority'. This, I feel, is a shame because people's tastes should remain, as far as possible, personal and free from all such influences and the popularity of a painting does not necessarily imply any intrinsic merit or worth as fashions change unpredictably all the time.
Signed and numbered copies of any of these paintings, printed on quality cotton-based canvas, are available in A3 at 18 each (approx. 29.5 x 43 cms. sq. max.), or in A2 at 25 each (approx. 43 x 59 cm. sq. max.) - unless they are already marked 'SOLD'.
My own paintings offers an alternative to the more representational forms of art and are an intuitive attempt to turn ideas upside-down, inside-out and back-to front, with a little humour thrown in for good measure. They always begin with feelings about my experiences, many of which I might only subsequently begin to translate into more consciously formed opinions, beliefs and ideas. In fact, they usually involve trying to reconcile these two levels of consciousness, just as other art-forms, such as music, poetry and literature tend to do, and in these I have found a fathomless repertoire for my own work.
This does not, I believe, mean my work complies with any particular style or technique but is more an on-going exploratory process, usually involving acrylics but sometimes oils, also florescent paints, gel pens, metallic inks, gouache, pearlescence, nail-varnish, and various forms of applique or anything else that seems appropriate at the time. In any event, it is said we learn from our mistakes, so whatever feelings these images might evoke in you, the viewer, I would love to hear about them - no matter how critical they might be.
[These ideas are explored in more detail in 'The Rise of the Mutant Ego']
Requests for portrait paintings, or of thematic ideas, including advertisments or book-cover designs, will also be considered.
JF 10.10.17 .
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